Automatic Wills?

By now everyone knew that there are three kinds of wills that have the same effect and validity as against allThe holographic wills, the secret and the publicThe first written by the hand of the deceased (the testator) anywhere, even on a paper towel, enough to bring a date, signature and name of the. The secret, written again by the testator but delivered for storage in a notary in a sealed envelope and the public Testament drawn up before a notary and witnesses from the notary.

English who have property in UK but living abroad, draw up wills in their country of residence on the basis of the provisions of the inheritance law as it applies to the country resident. The Covenant, if published legally in the country of retirement, validly translated published in London, where Magistrates part foreign wills.

With the will of the testator’s property can be shared as he wishes and to include people (exotic) that will not monomolecular if there was no Testament.With the Covenant can distribute property, money from bank accounts, stocks and other assets e.g. artwork, jewellery, cars, etc.

When there is no will inherit the children and the spouse, if the children have already died inherit grandchildren if there are and if there are no children and grandchildren, inherit in second grade siblings, nephews, etc.

When there is no relative to inherit someone dying left no Testament, then the whole estate vests in Public.

When there is a will of course a testator may dispose of his property at will. Usually people who don’t have relatives to leave their property, prepared whichever of the three types of wills wanted and handed out their property to friends, institutions building l. IE in “exotic”.

With the new provisions of the code of civil procedure, in force since November 2013, people who don’t have unallocated heirs and wish to leave their property to third parties (exotic) are now required, to prepare only public Testament and not holographic or secretThese two Covenants if the testator has not been intestate heirs are considered null and void, as non-existent and the estate of the testator will accrue directly to the Public.

For the secret wills witnessed and written by the testator who passed away in November 2013, the law requires conducting of expertise from graphology expert, who will confirm that the signature and the writing is of the testatorOnly in this case will the exotic (third) to inherit the estate of the testator left by Testament.

The above does not apply only to wills made in UK but also the wills drawn up abroadIf the testator has not i.e. intestate even distant relatives, then mandatory should be addressed in a notary to draw up a will, if it wants the property to a third attributed to a friendly person but is not relative.